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About the Cryptoloans

Cryptoloans is a first

  • Cryptoloans – is the first blockchain platform for secure lending, trading and exchange cryptocurrency. We are the first who created the solution for guarantee the return of the creditor`s cryptocurrency funds or its declared value.
  • Our project solves a lot of global problems in the areas of investments in cryptocurrency, P2P-lending, trading on financial markets, cryptocurrency exchange and algorithmic trading.
  • Our solutions will allow to democratize the cryptocurrency market and stop further monopolization of this market. Our platform is intended to continue the cryptocurrency expansion among all sections of the population of the Planet, regardless of their social status and regalia.

We have solutions

Cryptoloans solves the next problems:

  • Investors do not have enough instruments to hedge the risks associated with buying the cryptocurrency
  • Creditors are deprived of the guarantees of return their funds
  • 3.5 billion people do not have money to buy one bitcoin
  • Traders do not have enough instruments for market analysis
  • Traders deprived of the tools to create trading systems without programming skills

Our services:

  • The purchase of cryptocurrency on credit
  • The sale of cryptocurrency on credit
  • The designer of trading algorithms
  • Automatic cryptocurrency trading
  • Cryptocurrency exchange
  • Market history service

Welcome to future

  • In the future, more and more people will want to acquire the cryptocurrency, but in conditions of limited supply, its price is likely to continue to grow exponentially. Consequently, the only way to acquire the cryptocurrency for most people will be buy the cryptocurrency on credit.
  • Cryptoloans is the first and only platform that provides services of secure buying and selling cryptocurrency on credit. We have developed a mechanism that allows buyers to enjoy all the advantages of buying cryptocurrency on credit, and investors-creditors - to diversify their risks and guarantee the return of coins, issued in credit, or their declared value.
  • Own token LoanCoin will provide our customers with a unique opportunity to receive a 25% discount on the commission of the Cryptoloans platform for issuing and receiving the loans, buying, selling and exchanging the cryptocurrency.
  • The tokens received by our platform will be automatically put up for sale in order to maintain liquidity in conditions of limited emission of tokens (only 10 million).


For borrowers:

  • No need to confirm solvency
  • Unlimited number of loans received
  • Guarantee of obtain a loan on terms of the creditor
  • Unlimited number of applications for a loan on different terms
  • The opportunity to be a borrower and a lender simultaneously
  • The possibility of earning on crypto­currency purchased on credit without covering its entire cost
  • The possibility of selling crypto­currency purchased on credit without prior loan repayment
  • The possibility of selling crypto­currency on credit which was purchased on credit without prior loan repayment

For creditors:

  • Guarantee of repayment the crypto­currency funds issued on credit or their specified value
  • The opportunity to be a lender and a borrower at the same time
  • Sale of crypto­currency on credit at a price higher than market
  • Guaranteed earnings on the sale of crypto­currency on credit
  • Unlimited number of loan offers on different terms
  • Earnings on the sale of crypto­currency on credit
  • No need to verify the borrower's solvency
  • Unlimited number of loans issued

For traders:

  • Market history service
  • Minimum starting capital
  • Full transparency of trades
  • Automatic trading of crypto­currency
  • Creating mechanical trading systems without programming skills
  • The possibility of technical analysis of the situation on the market
  • The possibility of speculative purchase of a crypto­currency in a volume that exceeds the trader's own funds in several times

For everyone:

  • The possibility of buying crypto­currency for people with low income
  • The possibility of earning on purchase of crypto­currency with minimal risks
  • The possibility of guaranteed earnings on the sale of crypto­currency on credit
  • The possibility of hedging the risks of drop in the cost of crypto­currency for crypto­currency investors
  • Own token LoanCoin, which allows you to get a 25% discount on our services

Our goal is to democratize crypto­currency market, allowing as much of the population of the Planet to buy crypto­currency and generate income from their trade. In fact, the idea of the Cryptoloans platform is that all users earn money regardless of their social status.

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Cryptoloans Team


Core team

Dmitry Zhurba

Chief Executive Officer

Dmitry has 8 years of experience in the financial markets as a trader and engineer of algorithmic trading systems. On his account dozens of successfully implemented algorithms that have found their application in the commodity, currency and stock markets. In recent years, He has opened a cryptocurrency market for himself, on which there are many problems that are inherent in other financial markets. Dmitry considers as his personal challenge the construction of a revolutionary Blockchain-platform, which will solve a number of global problems related to such areas as: investment in cryptocurrency, P2P-lending, trading in financial markets, exchange of cryptocurrency, algorithmic trade. Dmitry is confident that these decisions will help for further cryptocurrency expansion among all sections of the population of the Planet and will help to stop the growing monopolization of this market.

Oleg Zlotnyk

CTO, Back End Developer

Oleg is a high-end software engineer with extensive experience in banking projects at the National Bank of Ukraine. Under his leadership, have been implemented such projects as: authorization terminal of the National System of Mass Electronic Payments NSMEP with cryptographic protection of communication channels and generation of session keys using payment smart cards, Internet terminal for the national payment system PROSTIR with support for EMV-CPA cards for OpenWAY (Way4) using ISO 8583, the system for evaluating key performance indicators KPI in terms of planning and evaluating goals, evaluating competencies and individual development programs. On the account of Oleg a lot of successfully implemented projects on the development and implementation of automated banking systems and information security of the banking system. Oleg considers it his duty to apply his rich experience of building technological processes for the realization of the Cryptoloans platform and introduce the highest standards of computer security in it.

Dmitriy Plekhanov

Systems Engineer, Front End Developer

Dmitriy has 13 years of experience in the field of information technology. The last 8 years he devoted himself to the web applications development of various complexity and administration of * nix systems. During this time, he gained vast skills working with most of the available open source e-commerce systems. Has a enormous experience in the design and technical support of highly loaded information systems and databases, information security and technical support of software products. In our project He would be responsible for realization the user interface, designing and administering High Load-servers, building and maintaining the IT infrastructure, as well as designing and integrating databases.


October 2017: Formation the concept of secure P2P-crediting

November 2017:

December 2017: Publication of the Whitepaper

January 2018: The start of the advertising campaign

February 2018: Launch of the Cryptoloans Forum

March 2018: The first round of selling LoanCoin tokens

April 2018: The start of the platform development

June 2018: Development of the smart contracts for secure P2P-crediting

July 2018: Platform and blockchain integration

September 2018: Launch of the basic services in the Cryptoloans platform on the test mode: the first transactions on the platform and the first commission incomes.

September 2018: The start of the advertising campaign

October 2018: Publication of the financial results of the Cryptoloans platform for the first month of operation and forecast for further development

November 2018: The main round of selling LoanCoin tokens

December 2018: The start of development of additional platform functionality

February 2019: Database of the market history

June 2019: Designer of trading algorithms and the automatic trading

July 2019: Launch of the additional services of the Cryptoloans on the test mode

September 2019: Official launch of Cryptoloans Exchange

September 2019: The start of the advertising campaign

October 2019: Publication of Cryptoloans financial results

November 2019: The last round of selling LoanCoin tokens

January 2020: The start of the advertising campaign for the Cryptoloans promotion

May 2020: Release of mobile apps for iOS and Android

July 2020: API for connecting external liquidity

September 2020: API for connecting trading algorithms

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